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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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Humanitarian Architecture Travelling Studio: Belize
Belmopan, Belize

Terms: Mid-Semester Break 2
Description: Build a sustainable home for orphans in Belize! This program developed by Kaya Responsible Travel is part of the Humanitarian Architecture Travelling Studio (HATS). Students doing this program will build sustainable, half-way homes for orphans. O ften[...]
ISS: Aalto Winter School Finland
Mikkeli, Finland

Terms: Summer School
Description: Aalto University School of Business Mikkeli Campus is located at the Mikkeli University Consortium in the heart of the South Savo region, Finland. Professions students from the University of Adelaide have the opportunity to visit Finland in Janua ry[...]
ISS: Aarhus Winter School Denmark (Exchange)
Aarhus, Denmark

Terms: Summer School, Winter School
Description:   This two week winter school program taking place at Aarhus University in January 2018, will be taught by a team of professors who have excellent academic profiles and work experience from both the public and private sector. Students at tending[...]
ISS: German in Germany (Exchange)
Stuttgart, Germany

Terms: Summer School
Description:     The University of Stuttgart Winter University, run in January to February each year, is an opportunity for students to experience total immersion in the German language and culture in the heart of Europe. The program is intended f or[...]
NCP Funding: Apply to receive NCP funding to complete the ACICIS BPP program in Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia

Terms: Summer School
Description:   Interested in applying for an AUD$3,000 New Colombo Plan Grant  to undertake a business, management or marketing internship in Indonesia?     Apply for a six week business internship in Jakarta through The Australian [...]
NCP Funding: Apply to receive NCP funding to undertake an Internship in China with CRCC Asia
Beijing, China

Terms: Summer School
Description: Interested in applying for an AUD$2,500 New Colombo Plan Grant to do an Internship in China with CRCC Asia?     Apply for an internship in China through CRCC Asia and then click 'Apply Now' above for a New Colombo Plan [...]
Study Tour: Biosecurity and Conservation Medicine at the Livestock-Wildlife Interface South Africa
Mpumalanga, South Africa

Terms: Mid-Semester Break 2, Semester 1, Winter School
Description: Offered by the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, this 3-unit elective (or EMS experience) for DVM III & II students will organised by Dr Wayne Boardman and WildlifeVets,  who are based on a beautiful game ranch east of Nelsprui t[...]
Study Tour: Classic London
London, United Kingdom

Terms: Summer School
Description: London is one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities for The Arts and Music. The Classic London study tour is designed to provide classical performance music students with an introduction to the four main music tertiary institution s[...]
Study Tour: Entrepreneurship in Uncertain Environments
Johannesburg, South Africa

Terms: Mid-Semester Break 2
Description:   South Africa has the largest wealth gap in the world, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation are key to helping communities there (and elsewhere) to survive and thrive.  You will travel with our experienced staff, including Dr Wendy Linds ay,[...]
Study Tour: From West to East - Comparative Law in China
Shanghai, China

Terms: Term 4
Description: This study tour is designed to provide students with an introduction to the complexity of foreign and international law, an understanding of the Chinese Legal system, and a deeper understanding of Australian law in comparative and international p erspective.[...]
Study Tour: Inside Singapore
Singapore, Singapore

Terms: Term 4
Description: This study tour will enable students to gain deep in-country insights into the history, politics and identity of Singapore, and will create opportunities for students to develop links between Australia and Singapore. The full program consist s[...]
Study Tour: International Property UAE
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Terms: Term 4
Description: The course takes the form of a property development feasibility exercise carried out in Abu Dhabi City. Students will work on a live project and apply the Highest and Best use methodology to a project site. Students from the University of Groning en[...]
Study Tour: Malaysia Humanitarian Design Summit
Sarawak, Malaysia

Terms: Winter School
Description: Offered by Engineers Without Borders (EWB), the Humanitarian Design Summit provides an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the role engineering and technology play in creating positive change within communities. This high qualit y[...]
Study Tour: Mitsui Educational Foundation - Study Tour of Japan
Hiroshima, Japan; Kyoto, Japan; Tokyo, Japan

Terms: Term 4
Description: Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd. invites university students to help promote mutual understanding and friendship between Australia and Japan by taking part in the 2017 Mitsui Educational Foundation Study Tour of Japan. The 21 day [...]
Study Tour: Oman, look at those rocks!
Muscat, Oman

Terms: Term 4
Description: An incredible opportunity to explore a geological wonderland. The Semail Ophiolite of Oman is world-famous. It is a rare example of oceanic crust obducted over the continent and exposed where we can easily study it. This trip will travel around [...]
Study Tour: Pacific Literature in Tonga
Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Terms: Term 4
Description:   Running again in 2017 this unique literature study tour is a four week intensive program in November and December. Students will travel to Tongatapu and ‘Eua, Tonga, and examine literature and culture in the Pacific through a mi x[...]
Study Tour: Shakespeare at the Globe
London, United Kingdom

Terms: Mid-Semester Break 2
Description: This study tour will enable level II and III students to study selected works of Shakespeare, and his contemporaries, in England at cultural sites that are particularly relevant to the development of the drama of the early modern period. Studen ts[...]
Study Tour: Teeth of the Dragon
Hanoi, Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Terms: Mid-Semester Break 2
Description: This course consists of a 2 week intensive overseas clinical placement, introducing final year Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) students to Vietnam, its culture, and society. Vietnam has become a widely popular tourist destination in the las t[...]
Study Tour: United Grapes of America
Kelowna, Canada; Portland, United States; San Francisco, United States

Terms: Mid-Semester Break 2
Description: This study tour, offered to eligible students from the BVO/MVO programs, provides the first opportunity in our program’s history to undertake an intensive tour of the vineyards and wineries of the west coast of North America. Throughout the [...]


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