Faculty Approval Amendment Process

Faculty Approval Amendment Process

If your Faculty has already completed your Faculty Approval Request, but you require an amendment to your courses (for example, because the course offerings at your host university have changed, or you have a timetable clash), you can initiate an amendment process here in SMART.

Step 1: Edit your SMART profile to launch the amendment questionnaire
In your Applicant Homepage, click the Profile Tab.

Under "Semester Exchange Faculty Approval Amendment Required..." select "4. Yes, I require an amendment to a complete Faculty Approval for my semester exchange" and click Update.

Step 2: Provide your amendment request details
Return to your exchange application (the name of your host institution) and you should now see a questionnaire called Faculty Approval Request (Amendment).

Note: It may take five to ten minutes before the new questionnaire is deployed to your application. Refresh the page to see if it has been added.

Complete this questionnaire with the details of the changes that need to be made to your Faculty Approval. Please provide complete information if you are seeking approval for new courses.

Step 3: Your Faculty will assess your request and update the original Faculty Approval questionnaire to update any changes
Your request will be forwarded to the Faculty/ies you identify in your request questionnaire. Once the assessment is complete, you will be notified by email.

Please note:

  • This process is not intended to serve as a conversation platform between you and your Faculty; if you need to have a discussion before submitting your amendment request, you should contact your Faculty directly. Faculty contacts can be found here.
  • If you require another amendment to your approval, you will need to contact Study Overseas to have your request questionnaire reset.